IBM Security Access Manager Appliance Support Lifecycle

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Product Lifecycle


This document provides information on the lifecycle for the IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) Appliances.


IBM Security Appliances and the related Firmware adhere to the "IBM Security Product Lifecycle Policy" version 2.3, updated October 27, 2007, available here.  Additional lifecycle details for other IBM Security Solutions appliances are available here.
Appliance Lifecycle Dates
Appliance Name Hardware Machine Type / Model Program number (PID) General Availability End of Support
IBM Security Web Gateway Appliance 5122-81K 5725-G50 14 Dec 2012 30 Sep 2019
IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile Appliance 5122-82K 5725-N16 06 Dec 2013 20 Jan 2021
IBM Security Access Manager for Web Appliance 5122-82K 5725-P80 21 Feb 2014 20 Jan 2021
IBM Security Access Manager Appliance 5122-83K 5725-V89 30 Oct 2015 30 Apr 2023
IBM Security Access Manager Appliance Gen2 5122-81T 5737-F02 08 Dec 2017

Please note:  When an appliance reaches End of Support, support for any firmware installed on the appliance also ends.

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU008","label":"Security"},"Product":{"code":"SSQRZH","label":"IBM Security Access Manager Appliance"},"Component":"Support Lifecycle","Platform":[{"code":"PF004","label":"Appliance"}],"Version":"All Versions","Edition":""}]

Product Synonym

ISAM Appliance

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