z/OS Data Extraction Program (CP3KEXTR) for zPCR and zBNA

Created by Valerie Spencer on Mon, 10/26/2020 - 21:37
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The CP3KEXTR program reads SMF records and extracts data needed as input to IBM's Processor Capacity Reference (zPCR) and Z Batch Network Analyzer (zBNA) tools. CP3KEXTR is offered as a "No Charge" application.

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 zBNA and zPCR 
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06/07/2021 (v4.21)
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What's New

Version 06/07/2021 (v4.21)

  • Fixes for issues with SMF 113 synchronization and invalid data.

Version 04/23/2021 (v4.19)

  • Fix for issues with sample times.
  • Fix for incorrect PI values for Percentile Goals in period two and higher.
  • Accommodation for CPC serial number greater than five characters.

Version 03/08/2021 (v4.18)

  • Fix for issues with sample times
  • Add Vectors SLH and TPI for SMF70SLH & SMF70TPI
  • Message if DURATION is greater than SMF 70 or 113 interval. Stop processing.
  • Message if SYSID moves between LPARs. Stop processing.
  • Some changes to number of decimals

Version 02/12/2021 (v4.13)

  • Fix case where "dat" file (zBNA) time was incorrect
  • Fix case where LPAR-related vectors would get an extra entry
  • Fix rare 0C4 exception encountered with an SMF 74(8) record

Version 12/22/20 (v4.10)

  • Implement processing of SMF 113 subtype 1 records
  • Discontinue support for SMF 113 subtype 2 records
  • Upgrade the algorithm that assigns SMF records to reporting intervals
  • Add SMF 16 fields: iceMOSIZ and Rat = iceRcOUT / iceRcINP
  • Change LpprPx calculation to ignore SMF70PDT value
  • Remove INSTR vector Remove refs to 78.1
  • Remove SMF 23 mod & references

Version 08/03/20 (v4.06) 

  • In the dat file: add SMF 16 data and add 2 new SMF 30 fields
  • Rework the BOOSTnn vector and add BOOSTFLA & BOOSTCLA
  • Add a new SIISP (SIIS percent) vector and remove the EFA vector
  • Add two new input parms: SELDAT & LIMDAT
  • Add SMF type 16 to default TYPES= list

Version 04/14/20 (v3.95) 

  • Add 6 new vectors for EADM compression.
  • Add 4 new vectors, E247, E252, E264, E265, with deflate information.

Version 11/27/19 (v3.94) 

  • Add RMEMP vector to report remote memory percent
  • Add LPAR vector for System Recovery Boost period, BOOSTn=0: none, 1: zIIP, 2: Speed, 4: IPL, 8: Shutdown
  • Add 3 vectors for LPAR Busy seconds: LPARBUSYG (GPs), LPARBUSYA (zAAPs), LPARBUSYI (zIIPs)
  • Add DAT field S42DSEXC to indicate S42DSFL1 x'10 bit (Open for EXCP)

Version 09/04/19 (v3.91) 

Make adjustments to CPU MF Formulas.

CP3KEXTR Install Instructions:

Please reference the Quick Start Guide.


Limited Defect Support:

CP3KEXTR is an “as is” program; defect support is not provided via the normal IBM support structure. Instead, report problems via email to zpcr@us.ibm.com.

Defect support will not be staffed on a 24/7 basis. Responses to defect inquiries will be made on a best effort basis but generally should be expected within 48 hours.


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